Indisputable Evidence that Gale Harold is Gay
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Indisputable Evidence That Gale Harold Is Gay (and loves Randy)

By:  bloodyrose82 (Rachael)


This is a true story. It happened two days ago.

Let me set the scene: A little end of terrace house in the south of England. It's winter. And bloody cold. Within are two people sitting down watching a DVD. One is a mother, aged 63 (ooh she will kill me for telling you that), and her fantastic, wonderful, intelligent sexy daughter of 23 (err..that would be me) who happens to be obsessed with a little show called Queer as Folk.

Daughter manages to convince mother that she really does want to watch Queer as Folk, not because the boy sex is oh so hot, but because the characters are great. After much manipulation and whining on the daughter's part, dear old mom agrees. Season one is put on.

After much shifting and discomfort (from the mother) and squeeage (from the daughter) the two pilot episodes finish.

Reaction? Dear old conservative mom can't watch anymore because the gay sex disturbs her (any sex disturbs her, but maybe that should be left for another day...).

Fast forward a couple of months.

Mother and daughter sit in the same sitting room. Daughter puts Fathers and Sons on, featuring the very lickable Gale Harold in a straight *gasps* role.

Movie finishes. Daughter wrinkles nose and thinks 'Bang Bang You're Dead' was SO much better *paws Randy and drools muchly*

Mother turns to daughter and the following conversation takes place.

Mom: That guy who was also in Queer as Folk is gay in real life, right?
Me: *blinks* Who? Gale Harold?
Mom: Yeah, that's the one.
Me: Actually, he identifies as straight.
Mom: *laughs* He really isn't.
Me: Uhmmm....*tries not to get excited*...why do you think that?
Mom: Well. He acts gay. I believed him in Queer as Folk.
Me: Oh?
Mom: Yeah. In Fathers and Sons he is very uncomfortable in a straight capacity.
Me: *blinks some more* You really think so?
Mom: Yeah. I do. That other guy, in Queer as Folk. The little dark one. The best friend.
Me: Mikey? His mother is played by Sharon Gless?
Mom: Yes. That one. He's straight in real life.
Me: *eyes go wide* How do you know that?
Mom: You can tell. He's all awkward playing a gay guy.
Me: OMG!
Mom: And in Fathers and Sons...Gale...he is the same kind of awkward being straight. So he must be gay.
Me: OMG OMG OMG *thinks: holy shit*
Mom: So, was he dating that other one?
Me: Which other one?
Mom: The blonde one he is with on the show.
Mom: The kid. Who...he sleeps with in the first episode.
Me: OMG OMG...*fans self and tries to calm down* Well, there is all this speculation about them. After season three their characters stopped kissing with tongues.
Mom: *nods knowingly* See. Something happened with them. It all fits.
Me: I love you!

Conclusion: If a woman of 63, who not only is squicked by the hawt gay sex, and has no possible interest in the characters, thinks Gale is gay and had a thing with Randy, then it means we are not deluded little fangirls with wishful thinking.

It has to be true!

Boys, we are so onto you!