Morning Mayhem
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Title: Morning Mayhem
Author: phobosgirl (
Date: 1/5/05
Rating: PG-13
Authors notes: Not beta’d, blah blah blah. Feedback is more than welcome and can be sent to
Disclaimer: This is only for fun. None of this is real nor should any implication be made based on this manuscript that I have any insider info on either of these two fine men.
Warnings: Gale/Randy (Queer As Folk) RPS
Complete: yes

Morning Mayhem



“What? Shit, why ya yelling this early in the morning?” He rubs his eyes and it feels so good that he rubs his entire face while he’s at it.

“Would you mind getting out until I’m done?”

Gale peeks through his fingers at a naked Randy who’s doing a really good imitation of an angry housewife, right down to his balled-up fists planted firmly on his hips. Gale can’t help it- any state of agitation that Randy is in makes him hard. Randy pretends to ignore it.

“Oh please,” Gale smirks, wandering to the toilet, “Don’t tell me you’re one of those anally retentive people who can’t share a bathroom with his lover!”

Randy stomps his foot. He actually stomps it and a laugh escapes Gale’s mouth before he can call it back.

“Get OUT, will you?” Randy says angrily.

“Gotta pee,” is the only answer he gets. “You can watch if you want, though.”

Randy’s face goes a deep shade of red, which usually either means he’s about to blow his stack, or get down on his knees and suck Gale off. Gale thinks this time it’s probably the former rather than the latter, unfortunately. He wonders belatedly if he should duck but naturally it’s too late. Randy’s toothbrush bounces off his head and now Gale doesn’t even try to stop the laughter from bubbling out of him.

“I can’t believe you just threw your toothbrush at me.” The giggles won’t stop, which just serves to infuriate Randy more.

“Fucker,” Randy stomps over and shoves him and Gale thinks that could have a serious impact on his aim. He laughs harder.

“Stop,” he snickers, trying hard to get control of himself before Randy throws him out into the street with a full bladder and not a stitch of clothing, “I really hafta pee, you’re gonna make me miss.”

“Don’t you fucking dare!” Randy roars and Gale falls in love with him all over again, despite not being able to breath through his hilarity.

“Yer so…” Gale gasps, “… fucking…” more uncontrollable laughter. “… CUTE!”

Randy can’t withstand Gale’s laughter on top of his compliments and a smile breaks out on his face. He grabs Gale by the arm and hauls upright again.

“Come on, doofus,” he concedes, “You better get this over with before you pee all over my floor.”

Gale, still giggling, finally lets loose. He never lets on that he catches Randy peeking in the mirror.

The End